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Play-to-earn games spent the better part of 2022 establishing themselves not only as a pillar of the blockchain space but, perhaps, of the gaming industry as well. Mobile-friendly play-to-earn games, we predict, will be in fashion and in high demand in 2023. Because of that, we have assembled the best mobile P2E games. Find out how you can profit from them, how they work, and why they’re worth your time. 

Best mobile play-to-earn games in 2023

Axie Infinity – Gamers looking to earn a sizeable profit

Realm – Fans of resource-management games

FootballCoin  – Fans of sports crypto-games

League of Kingdoms – Fans of large-scale multiplayer games

Cryptokitties – Fans of creature-breeding games

Skyweaver – Fans of turn-based card games

Spells of Genesis – Fans of fantasy-themed card games

What are mobile play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn games run on blockchain networks and allow users to earn in-game assets and crypto rewards. Many of these games are free, and some of these titles are played by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Yes, play-to-earn gaming was one of the buzzwords of 2022. However, along with popularity comes the need for greater convenience. With this in mind, most P2E games became available for mobile use. Moreover, these types of games are an excellent way to get started in crypto while enjoying the brain-teasing qualities of well-designed games.

We’ve compiled a list of the mobile-friendly blockchain games that caught our attention in 2022. Here’s everything you’ll need to know before downloading these crypto games.

Axie Infinity

axie infinity best mobile play-to-earn games

What is Axie Infinity?

In 2022, Axie Infinity remained one of the most popular play-to-earn games. At the time of writing, it is estimated that the game has amassed over 850,000 accounts. Out of the sign-ups, more than 700,000 accounts are active.

Axie is also one of the most profitable P2E games and, perhaps, the first to become a phenomenon truly. The game is particularly popular in the Philippines. Over 40% of its user base resides in this country. It has had sales of over $1 billion. It is still one of the highest paying crypto games for Android and iOs devices, although, as we’ll see, it requires considerable investments.

Axie Infinity works as a crypto card game. Users are encouraged to collect digital pets known as Axies. They can then create teams that will battle other users for prizes. Additionally, these digital creatures can be bred and traded.

Axie Infinity on mobile

Axie Infinity owes much of its popularity to its seamless use on mobile devices. The game is available on iOs and Android mobile phones, and it is one of the most popular mobile play-to-earn games.

Play-to-earn mechanics in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity isn’t a free play-to-earn game precisely, although some of its features are available for all users. In order to begin earning rewards in the game, each user must create a team comprised of three Axies. They can then battle opponents in a classic turn-based card game.

Users can earn from battles, as well as by completing daily quests and missions, investing in land, or creating a scholarship program where they lend their assets. Additionally, they can breed creatures (this will require owning two Axies) and sell the digital NFTs. The most expensive Axie sold for nearly 300ETH.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

Besides the Axie NFTs, the game features two game tokens. The first is Small Love Potion (SLP). This is provided as a reward for winning battles. Additionally, trades of Axies are conducted using SLP. At the time of writing, one unit of SLP is worth almost $0.0033. It’s available on major exchanges such as Binance and KuCoin.

The second token is Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). This is an Erc-20 token that awards voting rights in the community. One unit is worth around $12.32 at the moment. It can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

Pros and Cons of playing Axie Infinity


  • Highly popular game with a large community of players
  • Potentially large rewards for winning battles
  • Staking AXS and borrowing assets can increase profits


  • Significant costs for purchasing Axie NFTs
  • Competition has dramatically increased for these types of games


What is Realm?

Realm is a relatively new NFT game. The objective is to manage resources and utilize so-called NFT leaders to save the game’s virtual world from destruction. The Leader cards feature various strengths and degrees of rarity. Gamers must combine 3 Leader NFTs to level up.

Realm on mobile

Realm is one of the latest NFT play-to-earn (P2E) games released in the summer of 2022. From the start, the game was oriented toward mobile use. The game looks to capitalize on the popular trend of metaverse games. It can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Play-to-earn mechanics in Realm

Realm promises several free features. At the start of the game, users can create their own virtual world. From this, they can begin to collect items and can connect with the game’s marketplace.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

Users are able to use the play to earn functionality of the game and collect RLM Tokens (or REALM). These are used, essentially, in all facets of the game. This is an EOSIO token. REALM is currently valued at around $0.014.

Pros and Cons of playing Realm


  • Interesting concept that integrates well within the metaverse trend
  • The game has numerous functionalities


  • Relatively new game with few reviews as of yet
  • The game’s NFTs are featured on the Wax blockchain that has a history of being hit-and-miss with NFT collections that it has features


What is FootballCoin?

FootballCoin is one of the original play-to-earn crypto games. Starting in 2017, FootballCoin functions as a fantasy football game. To take part in public or private contests, users must select football players for their teams. Each athlete is represented by a digital token rated from 1* to 5*. The higher-rated cards need to be purchased from the game’s marketplace. Meanwhile, many of the cards are free to use. Each contest comprises

FootballCoin on mobile

FootballCoin’s app is available on both iOs and Android devices. The game can also be played directly from the browser on desktop and mobile.

Play-to-earn mechanics in FootballCoin

FootballCoin is a play-to-earn game in which users earn rewards for their knowledge of football. To begin playing this iOs and Android play-to-earn game, users can access the daily free contests. Each offers rewards to the participants whose teams accumulate the highest number of points.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

Rewards in FootballCoin are expressed in XFC, the game’s official cryptocurrency. XFC can be used in the game to power up your team with better-quality cards. Additionally, users can purchase stadium cards and organize their own competitions for which they’ll earn additional rewards as hosts.

The FootballCoin cards function as classic NFTs with a clearly designed purpose. Once a card has been purchased, it becomes the user’s property. All of the cards are listed on FootballCoin’s own blockchain. Purchasing a card is an investment in the future performance of a player. The best players will earn the users’ rewards for a long-time.

At the time of writing, one XFC is worth approximately $0.0077. The price has remained relatively stable over the past 12 months. XFC is available for purchase from WhiteBit and the game.

Pros and Cons of playing FootballCoin


  • FootballCoin runs on its own blockchain
  • Users can choose from multiple available football leagues
  • XFC rewards can be earned in a variety of ways (joining contests, flipping cards, etc.)


  • The relatively low user base
  • Earning very high rewards will require some patience

League of Kingdoms

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms (LOKA) is another popular play-to-earn game. It is a multiplayer (MMO strategy) game with many in-game accounts. Gamers are responsible for building a thriving kingdom. This will include creating a powerful army or forming valuable alliances. The players will earn rewards based on how well they compete against other players and how well they fare in the LOKA environment.

League of Kingdoms on mobile

This is MMO play-to-earn title is one of the few of its size and reputation that is already available for use on mobile devices. Both Android and iOs users can begin playing the game today.

Play-to-earn mechanics in League of Kingdoms

LOKA is a free-to-play game. This Ethereum-based title allows you to use resources and strategy to earn real prizes. However, successfully playing the game will be nearly impossible without delving into your wallet. Since this is an older game, older players and alliances (users are encouraged to be part of one) have already carved out the virtual map of the game.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

There are several ways of playing LOKA for profit. Building a powerful kingdom, fighting other players, or joining a solid alliance will all help in your quest. All of the resources are represented by Ethereum NFTs. Users can mint their own NFTs and trade them or can burn their tokens and earn more resources. In this way, it is, indeed, an important play to earn mobile crypto games on Android and iOs devices.

The game also features the governance token, LOKA. This decision-influencing token is currently worth around $0.49.

Pros and Cons of playing League of Kingdoms


  • Attractive storyline and mythos
  • Encourages cooperation with other gamers and crypto users
  • Works seamlessly on mobile devices


  • Criticized for various play-to-win aspects
  • There have been reports of a large number of bots being sighted in the game


cryptokitties best mobile play-to-earn games

What is Cryptokitties?

This Ethereum-based game was launched in 2017. It is the first blockchain game to become not just a sensation within the crypto community but globally. The Cryptokitties game involves collecting NFTs of kittens, breeding them to enlarge your collection, and selling them to other collectors.

Cryptokitties on mobile

Crytokitties first became available for mobile use in 2018 when it partnered with HTC. It became available as an Android mobile app on HTC phones. While it does not currently have an app designed specifically for iOS use, the game can be accessed directly from a web browser on your mobile device.

Play-to-earn mechanics in Cryptokitties

While Cyptokitties is not a free blockchain game, it does include several play-to-earn features. It also deserves a place on this list based on its reputation and its strong community. Users can plan their purchases carefully and breed valuable new kitten NFTs. From these, they can earn a handsome profit. Cryptokitties previously announced plans to continue development on the Flow blockchain network. Through this, it had planned to reduce hefty Ethereum gas fees.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

The game revolves around the collecting and breeding of Cryptokitty NFTs. The digital token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Pros and Cons of playing Cryptokitties


  • Wise purchases can increase the chances of breeding valuable kitty NFTs
  • Well-known outside the blockchain-community


  • Its heyday was back in 2018
  • Network fees remain high, and the NFTs themselves can be expensive


What is Skyweaver?

Skyweaver is a turn-based card game developed by Horizon Blockchain Games. It functions on the Polygon network. According to reports, Skyweaver was tested heavily before its release, being in Beta stages for several years.

This is a trading card game with a colorful fantasy theme. A player’s main objective is to create a deck by using collectible cards. These NFTs have different values and features. Players will make use of their decks to try and defeat their opponents and climb up the ranks for the game.

Skyweaver on mobile

New users will be happy to note that Skyweaver is available on iOs and Android mobile devices. The apps can be downloaded from the game’s official site or Google Play Store, as well the Apple Store.

Play-to-earn mechanics in Skyweaver

Users can take part in one of three game modes: Conquest, Ranked Mode, and Private. The objective is to win matches by using various card deck combinations. By doing so, users earn Silver and Gold cards, as well as climb up the game’s ranking system.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

Skyweaver users, who are successful, can earn real rewards. Unlike other games, there is no distinct token involved here. Instead, Gold and Silver cards can be traded on the game market in exchange for the stablecoin USDC.

Pros and Cons of playing Skyweaver


  • Millions of matches have taken place since the game’s release
  • Horizon Blockchain Games aims to integrate Skyweaver into a crypto-game ecosystem
  • Prizes are provided in a stablecoin


  • Longer wait time to join matches
  • Faces intense competition from other similar games

Spells of Genesis

What is Spells of Genesis?

Spells of Genesis is not just an essential play-to-earn title. It is also the very first of its kind. SoG boasts of having been the very first mobile blockchain game. The game appeared in 2017. It mixes the functionality of classic collectible card games with the features of arcade games.

Although other games of its type earned more success than SoG in the subsequent years, recently, a new community of users has started embracing this originator of the P2E style of blockchain games.

Spells of Genesis on mobile

As mentioned previously, Spells of Genesis has been compatible with mobile use ever since its release in 2017. Presently, the app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The links are also available on the official website.

Play-to-earn mechanics in Spells of Genesis

Like in most trading card games, a user’s objective in Spells of Genesis will be to assemble a deck of cards with which they’ll attempt to defeat opponents and complete missions. The game features various modes, such as Play Raid or Play Campaigns. At the end of these, successful players will earn rewards. Furthermore, users are given one Daily Quest per day and can store up to 3 quests.

Tokens, NFTs, crypto, pricing

Each card in the game is a digital token, each with various characteristics related to its strength, health, etc. All of the cards are issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are three types of in-game currencies. These are gold, crystals, and gems. Gold is the most important of these. It can be received for completing quests, winning raids, or entering the Top 100 on the SoG leaderboard.

Moreover, the top gamers can receive game cards and DAI as rewards. DAI is a dollar-pegged stablecoin that functions on the Ethereum network.

As SoG is a veteran of the crypto games space, it has amassed many features. One of the newer ones is what the developers call blockchainization. This is, essentially, a feature through which gamers can mint cards (once these have reached a certain level) on the network of their choice.

There is also the BitCrystals rewarding feature. BitCrystals is a smart contract protocol for blockchain games. Its native currency is BCY and rewards engagement for Crystal Suite products. These tools are developed by a company called EverDream Soft, with which Spells of Genesis has partnered.

Pros and Cons of playing Spells of Genesis


  • Numerous play-to-earn features
  • Well-designed gameplay that allows for extensive strategy development
  • Mobile friendly game


  • The numerous current game features can become confusing for novices
  • BitCrystal is not as popular as other similar platforms, such as Enjin

Notable mentions of mobile-friendly play-to-earn games in 2022


Metaverse games have looked set to become the new trend in crypto for a few years now. Upland is one of the most popular and heavily marketed games involving this kind of virtual world. The game is available via the web, as well as iOs and Android.

The Sandbox

Sure, The Sandbox may be a larger-scale metaverse game. However, it is available for use on numerous devices, including your Android and iOs mobile devices.


Even though the past couple of years has been marked by controversy for SoRare, the fantasy-sports game remains a flagship for this type of title. While the game can be played directly through a web browser, SoRare apps can now be easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds and its mining system introduced many to the myriad of games available on the Wax network. While its popularity has indeed decreased, the game can now be accessed smoothly through mobile devices.

What is the best money-making game in 2022?

There were numerous blockchain games that allowed users to earn real rewards in 2022. Games such as Axie Infinity or SoRare can provide sizable revenue, although they also require massive investments. On the other hand, games such as FootballCoin, Gods Unchained, or The Sandbox are free-to-play NFT games and allow users to earn real money.

What is the best play-to-earn game?

Blockchain-based best play-to-earn mobile games have developed over the past years to include many features. Furthermore, gamers can now choose from an extensive collection of genres. Some of the best P2E games of 2022 have been Axie Infinity, FootballCoin, Gods Unchained, and Splinterlands.

Can I play NFT games on mobile?

Yes, some NFT games have been adapted to include mobile apps. Gods Unchained, Axie Infinity, or The Sandbox are all available for use on Android and iOs devices.

What is the best play-to-earn app?

There are now many play-to-earn games that have developed their own mobile apps. In 2022, some of the best and most profitable games included Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and FootballCoin. All of these titles run smoothly on mobile devices and offer gamers real rewards for their effort and the prospect of owning what they collect or win in the game.

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